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  1. I use the Veggie Delight on bread, or on the side (with meat and vegetables). It’s also good in soup, when the broth needs a boost. The spread enhances the flavor.

    With the fruit jams, I put just a little bit on oat-cakes, for breakfast. The combination of the fruit flavor with the dry toasted oats is excellent!

  2. I just started using your Plum jam. The flavor surprised me. The fact that it was not too sweet enhanced the plum flavor. The plum skin and pulp is cut in small pieces rather than big chunks. I am used to solid jams, so when I used it on a sandwich, I thought that it might run too much but It did not, The consistency makes it a great topping for ice cream or yogurt. Thanks for a great tasting, nutritious product.

  3. It’s so rare in today’s food industry to find an entire series of products that are both healthy and tasty! And yet Natura Foods seems to have found the recipe, for a completely convenient price. I feel like the good old times are back, when I was eating the preserves and specialties carefully made by my grandmother. Thank you, Natura Foods!

  4. I love the jams and have tasted the spreads and love it too! The jams are not too sweet but still very tasty. I sit with a jar of jam and some of my favorite bread and in no time the jar is almost half full!! Thanks Natura Foods for such great products!!!

  5. Between the jams and the veggie spread, it’s a difficult choice on many occasions! I am addicted to the veggie spread which seems to go well with just about any accompanying food (toast, naan, tortillas, matzoh) or sometimes simply a spoon … We are patiently awaiting the distribution of Natura’s products “out west” so in the meantime, we secretly export the products from the DC area and our friends are amazed also! Keep up the great work Natura.

  6. Thank you for making a jam that my son can eat! He is on a low-acid diet and can only eat a few fruits like pears. He also can’t have jams made with lemon juice/citric acid. Pear Delight is the only jam I’ve found so far that meets his dietary restrictions. And he likes it! It is so nice to have something to put on his toast and peanut butter sandwiches. And thank you for very quick shipping. Hopefully someday our local Whole Foods will carry your product.

    • We appreciate your review and are happy that you found our product safe and testy for your family. Hope one day we will sell our jams and veggie spread in Whole Foods on the West coast.

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