Vegetable spread “Veggie Delight”

Our vegetable spread “Veggie Delight” is made from fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: tomatoes, apples, carrots, olive oil, onion, sweet peppers, garlic, balsamic vinegar, spices/herbs, parsnips, and sea salt.

We proudly make our spread in the U.S.A. Eat healthy and tasty food and support American producers.

Product features:
• All-natural
• Vegan & Gluten free
• Strongly anti-inflammatory product (source: NutritionData)
• Low in Cholesterol, Carbs and Sodium
• Good source in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K
• Good Amino Acid source which compliments other foods to improve the quality of some types of restrictive diets
• Family recipe (unique)
• Certified by an independent lab at Cornell University
• Used as dip, spread on toast, bagel/bread/crackers with cheese, as sandwich ingredient, with meats, fish or in pasta, salads.